Who is FUEL?

In 2014 the idea for FUEL began in Portland, Oregon, as a tiny spark between siblings, Holly and Kai Krenek. Both of us have spent the past 8 years teaching yoga, boot camp and circuit training classes, all the while exploring creative sequencing, music, and intensity levels. In the beginning we taught it all: gentle yin yoga, energetic vinyasa, slow hot yoga, boot camp and tabata workouts that made you sweat. We were humble students and observers of each style, but by 2014 a theme had emerged: the thoughtful, balanced, approachable sequencing of Yoga as a backbone, but with the meat of a high intensity routine. Our passion for a hard, safe workout led us down the rainy path of exploring a variety of studios in Portland; spin, boot camp, cross-fit, yoga, pilates, boxing, and aqua jazzercise (okay, not aqua jazzercise). Somewhere along the journey we became sweat guru’s. Along that path, we met other patrons of sweat and a community evolved; that community grew; a studio was needed; a spark was lit. And that is how FUEL began; with a spark. 

Over the next two years that spark grew into a passion that could not be ignored: we’d started a fire. We both put successful careers on hold to explore this intention and create space for the fire to grow. This idea of opening a studio, a sanctuary, a place dedicated to the belief that sweat is fuel for the soul became our purpose. Exercise had ignited us to reach for our dreams and we became committed to building a place where anyone could be inspired to go for their dreams, too.

Fast forward to now. After 24 months of plotting, planning, tears (and of course, sweat), FUEL Yoga Workouts is a blazing reality. A studio with a big heart. We are here because of one little spark; the same spark that resides in each of us, in YOU. That is what we stand for. OUR purpose is to fuel YOUR purpose: and we think the best sort of octane for that is sweat. The 100% pure kind; the stuff you fight hard and breathe heavy for, each sweat stain a badge of honor, it tastes strong like cowboy coffee and leaves you with the sweet aftertaste of victory.

FUEL is a place to stoke your inner flame and to fuel your life purpose. Each workout is an opportunity to challenge yourself, to burn away what’s holding you back and to realize or rekindle your passion. The work we put in here fuels us for the work we do outside these walls.

FUEL for living

FUEL for life

What fuels you?             


TEAM Members

Fuel will bring to you the best Portland yoga instructors this city has to offer. You deserve only the best instructors and that is what we will give you. Every Fuel instructor will challenge you, inspire you, and ignite your inner fuel. If our description of FUEL sounds like a place to kindle your passion as an instructor or front desk ambassador, please shoot us an email at info@fuel-pdx.com. We'd love to hear from you!