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Emily teaches Vinyasa Yoga with a strong focus in alignment and fluidity in transition. She grew up dancing and ultimately received a BA in Dance from UofO in 2011. She found Vinyasa Yoga in 2008 and completed her 200hr Power teacher training in 2011. Emily has taught for 6 years now in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, and Portland.

She was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis at age 8. Aside from a few major periods of inflammation, it is in remission. She is filled with gratitude for the healing practice of Yoga and compassion for those with disability.
In 2015, she began practicing a modified Ashtanga style with Yancy Scot Schwartz. A thirst to get closer to the source of Yoga tradition led Emily to a Mysore Ashtanga practice in late 2016. She studied Ashtanga with Ralph Craig who ultimately introduced her to Nichiren Buddhism. Emily has also learned therapeutic yoga with Doug Keller.
2017 brought many challenges; Emily's Dad has Alzheimer's, her best friend had cancer, among others. Emily's Yoga and Buddhist practices gave her the courage to follow her heart and move back to Portland to be closer to family. In early 2018 Emily followed her dreams to travel to Thailand and Japan where she taught yoga to people from all over the world and largely expanded her perspective. The ripple effect of a single action is vast.

Emily helps students to see their truth and take action to do their best under the given circumstances. She teaches to awaken the highest in everyone and unite humanity through believing in the brilliance of our collective light.