To support you in your transition to a regular workout routine, we’ve created BACK TO CLASS BINGO – No, it’s not your grandma’s bingo at the community center and the good news is that the game is no risk – ALL REWARD.  That is….if you join.

Join FUEL’s Back To Class Bingo where you’ll find a renewed commitment to building your best life, and win some amazing prices (including yogitoes, gym bags, and mats)! To get in on the fun, it’s as simple as clicking below to sign up, or signing up at the front desk and snagging your Bingo Card.  

Are you ready to Play? Get your Bingo Card and Unlimited Pass Now! 


We'll keep your Bingo Card at the front desk.  Completed cards will be entered into a drawing for prizes (Mats, duffel bags, yogitoes)!

  • Monday Slay: Take any class on Monday
  • Weekend Warrior: Take 3 weekend classes
  • Take a Break: Take 2 classes during lunchtime (11:00–1:00) weekday or weekend
  • Yoga With Friends: Bring a friend who’s new to the studio*
  • Double Up: Take 2 classes in one day
  • Early Bird: Take 2 classes that are the first class of the morning
  • Mid-Week Relief: Take 3 classes on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday
  • Share the Love: Share a Fuel social media post or write a review on Yelp! or Google
  • Fri-Yay: Take any class on a Friday

*Sign them up in advance at the front desk and your friend gets a free class

Fuel Yoga Portland Bingo Card